11 Chiropractic Benefits for Overall Health

Introduction To Chiropractic Benefits

In this article, we’ll be talking about one of the most established natural treatments in the entire world today and its chiropractic care. I’m going to be going through 11, many of them surprising, benefits of getting chiropractic care. But hey, I want to start off the show by saying this, there are so many people today struggling with chronic health conditions that I’m going to cover on today’s episode, do me a favor, take a minute right now, punch your “Share” button, help me spread the message that we can start using natural treatment protocols such as chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and other treatments, and see great results in our body and oftentimes, prevent surgery or using medications.

So again, lots and lots of benefits here of chiropractic today. Also, if you have a chiropractor that you use and you love, hey, let me know his name right now here, wherever you’re at.

Let me know again his name, maybe the city he’s in, or if you’ve ever benefited from chiropractic care here today. So guys, I’m going to dive right in, let’s talk about the 11 incredible benefits, surprising benefits of chiropractic care. Number one, chiropractic is incredible at helping you eliminate back pain. There are plenty of clinical studies on this. If you’re a person with chronic aches in your low-back, or let’s say maybe you have an issue that is acute in nature, maybe you were bending over and picking something up, and you have this sharp pain in your low-back, that can be due to spinal misalignment, which are going to cause muscles to tighten, which are going to compress nerves, or it can be due to a disc issue.

You could have a bulging disc, herniated disc, another issue could be arthritis if degeneration changes are in there. The good news is chiropractic care helps with all of it. Chiropractic care helps by improving motion in the joint. When you have more motion in the joint, that’s going to send a flood of nutrients to the area, helping heal those tissues. So chiropractic helps by increasing range of motion and flexibility in the joint.

I believe it’s probably the most effective natural treatment in the world for helping you eliminate low-back pain.

Number two, chiropractic care can help with headaches. What can happen is your spine can shift out of alignment. Your upper bone in your neck called your Atlas bone as well as your occiput, so your skull, those can become misaligned, putting excessive stress on nerves, as well as causing those occipital muscles to tighten. If you’re a person with chronic headaches, whether they’re migraine headaches, stress-related headaches, any type of those headaches, chiropractic care can help you eliminate those headaches as well as the natural treatment, very easy adjustments to do that.

Now this is the one that might surprise you. Chiropractic care can be very effective at getting rid of ear infections. Now, ear infections are most often viral. Now, on occasion, they can also be bacterial.

So, another thing you can do for this is taking some antiviral supplements, garlic, oil of oregano.

These things are very beneficial, garlic oil for ear infections. But in addition to that, getting a chiropractic adjustment, in fact, you know, in working with thousands of patients over the years, even still today, when I have somebody who has an ear infection, I will have them go to see a chiropractor. Whether they’re a newborn baby or two years old or whatever their age is, there are light chiropractic adjustments that can be done to actually relieve ear infections.

Now, I’ll say this, if you’re watching this live right now, I’d love to hear from you. Maybe you’ve had a child, you brought in.

If you bring your kids to the chiropractor and have seen results with them on things like ear infections. But ear infections oftentimes, you can get pressure, again, that Atlas bone, that upper part of that neck. A simple chiropractic adjustment can relieve that stress and pressure, helping relieve ear infections fast. Number four, this is a big one for chiropractors along with back pain, but it’s neck pain. Now, one of the things that can happen that can cause neck pain is poor posture.

You know, when I’m looking at somebody from the front or looking at an X-ray, we should see the spine should be straight up and down. Now what happens most often in the neck though, if you look at someone from the side here, is you can start to get something called forward head posture, where, rather than having this curve in your neck, you start getting to slouching, and your head goes out in front of your body like this.

We want to bring it back. Chiropractors are able to do chiropractic adjustments, relieve misalignments, as well as prescribe certain therapeutic exercises and types of physical therapy to restore that natural curvature to the spine, which actually relieves all of the tension and stress on those neck muscles. So if you have chronic neck pain, they can actually work with exercises with adjustments.

And also, oftentimes, certain types of traction that can open up the disc space, this is very effective for disc issues in the low-back as well as in the neck, doing certain types of traction or low load decompression is very effective as well as getting rid of both low-back pain and neck pain. Now, the next thing that chiropractic is very effective at treating is arthritis, whether it’s rheumatoid or osteoarthritis or joint pain. Oftentimes what can happen when you have joints that misaligned over time, it will start to wear out those areas faster.

Think about this, if you drive your car with your tires out of alignment, it actually will cause balding or a decreased traction in certain areas. It’ll wear down some areas faster than others.

The same thing can happen in your body. So if you’re moving and exercising or standing a certain way all day, and you have uneven pressure on your hip joints, on your knees, especially, are big ones as well, what that’ll do is that’s going to put chronic stress in those areas. Chiropractors can go and adjust not just the spine and neck but as well as your joints, and actually increase range of motion there, which will reduce those arthritic symptoms. So it’s very, very powerful at reducing arthritis. One of the most powerful treatments or ways chiropractic can benefit people is through the natural treatment of scoliosis.

Now, this may surprise you but as many as 10% or more of the population has some form of scoliosis, and around 5% may have a severe scoliosis of over a 20-degree curvature of the spine. So scoliosis is actually much more prevalent than many people would realize, and scoliosis, again, is when you’re looking from the front, when you have rather than a straight spine, you get an abnormal curve.

Now, scoliosis can have many side effects. If it’s not treated at all, it can continue to get worse over time. It can cause arthritis.

It can even cause organ malfunction. So there are many side effects of severe scoliosis. The good news is you can see what’s called a corrective chiropractor that can benefit scoliosis. Now, what most corrective chiropractors do is they do a blend of chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and natural treatments such as traction and vibration therapy, that can naturally help reduction of the scoliosis curvature. And I would say, if you or someone you love has scoliosis, I would absolutely seek out the help of a chiropractor that specializes in scoliosis.

11 Chiropractic Benefits for Overall Health

There are a couple techniques that I know were specialized in scoliosis. You can go to, again You can check out Dr.

Dennis Woggon. He’s the world leader in scoliosis treatment. So check out CLEAR Institute. Another great therapy is called CBP, that’s Chiropractic BioPhysics, also does chiropractic corrective care and the Pettibon System. Those are some of the more advanced techniques, but I would absolutely check out clear-institute.

org for a corrective care chiropractor in your area.

Number seven is the treatment of asthma. Now, asthma can oftentimes be related to, when you start to get pressure on the nerves in the lower part of the neck or upper part of the back, kind of that C7 to T3 area, those nerves actually support the lungs. So think about this, your brain sends signals down the spinal cord, over the spinal nerves to organs that support the function of your body. So think about this, for your heart to beat, for your lungs to breathe, for your stomach to digest food, your brain sends neurological signals from the brain down the spinal cord out to those organs.

So in order to support healthy breathing, you want to remove stress and pressure on those nerves that go to the lungs.

And so think about this, how many kids today are on their, I know they’re not called Game Boys anymore, but Game Boys or cellular phones or iPads, and they’re doing, I got my phone in my pocket here, and watch how many kids do this. They actually go like this, have their chin to their chest, and they’re doing this all day long, stressing those nerves. That can actually cause issues with breathing over time, increase asthmatic symptoms as well. So getting adjusted, working on kids restoring that posture, seeing a chiropractor that specializes in kids especially, or families, is a great thing to do to naturally treat asthma.

Now, here’s something really unique. There’s actually a hospital in Chicago and they did a study on patients with high blood pressure and found chiropractic to be one of the most powerful natural treatment at treating systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The reason why this works is there’s a nerve in the upper part of the neck around C1 called the vagus nerve.

It actually controls your body’s parasympathetic response. Now, when somebody’s blood pressure gets raised, typically there’s a stressful situation going on within.

There’s stress there, there’s a sympathetic response, too much sympathetic. If you go to a chiropractor and they adjust the upper neck area, what it can actually do is it can actually reduce that sympathetic response, increasing parasympathetic, which will normalize the blood pressure, lower the blood pressure by 10 to 14 points according to this medical study. So chiropractic, very effective in the treatment of blood pressure. And last few things here as well, benefits of chiropractic care, healthy pregnancy.

I know, my own sister just actually had a baby here recently.

My brother-in-law is a chiropractor. She was getting adjusted every step of the way. In fact, other patients that I’ve had in the past as well as many chiropractic doctors I know, oftentimes the babies will be flipped upside down, they’ll be turned around, they’ll be inverse to the way that you want to actually have the baby during pregnancy. And a lot of times, they can go and work on different ligaments in the body, there are certain techniques for this, that actually allow the baby to turn to have the pregnancy go more smoothly and easily. So, and oftentimes as well, many women will have a chronic low-back pain during pregnancy because of the oxytocin releasing.

That causes actually your ligaments to become more relaxed, but it can also cause spasms in the low-back. So if you’re pregnant, seeking out the help of a chiropractor can have major, major benefits both to ease pregnancy as well as to reduce pain.

Number ten benefit of chiropractic care is organ function. As I mentioned earlier, your brain sends messages for your heart to beat, lungs to breathe, stomach to digest food, all of these different organs. So actually, chiropractic care can lengthen your life span.

In fact, there’s an article I read recently that also chiropractic reduces oxidative stress on the body when getting adjustments.

For overall health, longevity, reducing hospital visits, chiropractic benefits the body. And last but not least, chiropractic, you know, going to seek the help of a chiropractor is one of the top ways to reduce getting surgery in the body. Whether it’s scoliosis, whether it’s a knee replacement or some other form of surgery, chiropractic care is very effective and a natural known treatment of scoliosis. And I want to say this as well, many chiropractors practice multiple disciplines.

A lot of the chiropractors I know, they do multiple things from chiropractic adjustments to nutritional consultations to detox protocols to physical therapy, and a whole lot more. So chiropractors, many of them, if it’s a wellness chiropractor, can be your go-to holistic doctor of natural medicine in treating you and your entire family. And there are great studies showing, if you see a chiropractor on a regular basis, it will actually reduce your overall cost, long term insurance cost, your overall health and lifespan. So again, if you want to be healthier, if you want to treat conditions without the use of medications or surgery, chiropractic, statistically and through medical research, has been shown to have tremendous benefits. Hey, if you have enjoyed this live training video, do me a favor.

Take a minute and punch that “Share” button right now. Help me spread the message because there are millions of people right now who don’t know all of the tremendous benefits of chiropractic care.

And if you have benefited from chiropractic in some way, take a minute right now and post that. Let me know how you or your family have seen benefits as chiropractic care. So guys, this has been me, Dr.

Josh Axe, talking about the 11 incredible benefits of chiropractic care..

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