Here's how to get instant neck and shoulder pain 
relief. For this one, we need to grab something   long and sturdy. A broomstick works perfectly. 
Whatever side that you're having pain, let's   say it's your right side. Start off by grabbing 
the tip of your stick, having your elbow on the   inside of your stick, the other hand is going 
to go right below your elbow. Now pull your   stick towards the non-painful side. The more 
that you go over, the more that you're going   to feel a deep stretch forming in the shoulder. 
This puts it into external rotation. What we're   going to do is hold this position and now 
take it to the next level by tilting our   head towards the other side. So I'm taking my 
ear towards my shoulder. This one usually feels   really, really good! And if it is locked up, you 
might get a pop or self-release, but don't try   to force it. Hold this one comfortably for 20 
seconds, relax, and then repeat this one three   to five times, and then from there switch to 
the other side to keep everything in balance.

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