Here's how to get instant upper back and neck 
pain relief. Start standing with very good upright   posture, have your back as straight as possible. 
Put your arms off to your side and now shrug your   shoulders upward towards the ceiling as much as 
you can. You should feel a deep activation of the   muscles in the upper back. Hold this position. Now, 
take your ear towards one side shoulder as much   as you can. Hold this comfortably for a second 
or two and then repeat on the other side. You   want to do this nice and slowly for five times 
in both directions. This is how we're going to   take it to the next level. Instead of shrugging 
up, shrug your shoulders downward as much as you   can and then repeat. You're going to notice it 
hits the muscles just a little bit differently.   Again, five times in both directions and this is 
something that you can use throughout the day..

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