Here's how we can get instant back pain relief 
right in bed. Start off laying on your side with   one side up towards the ceiling. I'm going to bend 
my knees roughly at 90 degrees. Take your hand,   place it right behind the top side's 
knee. The other hand is going to grab   right at the bottom side's ankle. We're going to 
pull at the same time with our hands (like this)   to intensify a stretch in the legs, the glutes,
buttocks, hips, and lower back. Really pull back   until you feel that deep stretch. From there, I'm 
going to take the top side's shoulder and then   rotate it downwards (with my upper back) until it's 
flat on the bed. This will really intensify that   stretch. Hold this comfortably for about 20 to 30 
seconds. From there, you can relax. Take a breather.   On the next repetition, try to stretch into 
it even more.

Do this three to five times and   when you're done on one side, switch to 
the other to keep them both in balance..

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